White Haute Nights – Pin Up

WHN June 25

Fashion is inspired by many elements of past and present. Classic beauty icons such as Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot have influence on women today through the flowing hair, voluminous red lips, and curve revealing clothing. This pin-up style can be worn classic or with a modern day twist.

This Thursday June 25, White Haute Nights at Tabbuli downtown will highlight the Pin-Up Theme. Learn how to really showcase this look to the fullest, or simply throw hints of the modern version in with your everyday style. Your host Jaisee Alexander and DJ Trevor D will begin the sounds at 8pm. Models this week are from JWModeling and will be hitting the runway by 9pm.

Make sure to get there early enough to have your seat and be munching on some Masabaha while you take in the styles and atmosphere that makes Tabbuli Grill the hottest place to be on a Thursday

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White Haute Nights – Street Chic

WHN – June 18

Effortlessly in style, “street chic” has recently been the go to look for any occasion on the East Coast. This classic fashion can be unique and comfortable if done right. From brunching with the ladies to drinks with your beau, this style seemingly does no wrong. Tabbuli is happy to showcase exactly how to wear “street chic” this upcoming Thursday night.

On June 18 beginning around 8pm, Tabbuli will start off their weekly White Haute Nights fashion show with a bang featuring beats from DJ Treavor D. Let the models from JWModeling and Tout Talent show you the best ways to take advantage of your closets and wear the “street chic” look right. Your host Jaisee Alexander will get the event started at 9pm sharp. Make sure you are there in time to order a cocktail and grab a seat. Come and enjoy some delicious Mediterranean food, infused cocktails, and entertainment to kick your weekend off early during the work week. Tabbuli is always the hottest place to be on a Thursday.


White Haute Night – Glam Bois

WHN – June 11

Fashion shows have been around since the 1800’s when they were named fashion parades. These parades débuted the newest ideas designers had showcase to the world and, at times, were called revolutionary.

Tabbuli is known for not only celebrating clothing in their weekly White Haute Night fashion shows, but also showcasing body art as well as bar talent. This Thursday night on June 11, the fashion show will feature and support the culture of “Glam-Bois.” This “Gay Glam Guy Fest” will be spotlighting a particular culture of gay men.  This fashion parade will be loud, fun, and celebrating lives.

The music starts up at 8pm with DJ Trevor D so get in and grab yourself a cocktail beforehand. Jaisee Alexander will start this show up at 9pm as your host.

Make sure you don’t miss out on what your friends are talking about on Friday mornings. Tabbuli is the hottest place to be on a Thursday


White Haute Nights – Ink’d Canvases

WHN – June 4

Who says a fashion show has to be about clothing? Tabbuli is once again showcasing the style of people and tattoos with their Ink’d Canvas’s theme.

Come out this Thursday, June 4th for Tabbuli’s second Ink’d Fashion Show of the summer. Judges will be there to determine the best of each category and they will need participation from the crowd!

Your host Jaisee Alexander will get the show started at 9pm and the beats by DJ Trevor D will kick off around 8pm. Make sure to take advantage of a Cointreau Margarita, only $10 through June. So go ahead, book your babysitter and call in an hour late on Friday. Tabbuli is the hottest place to be on a Thursday